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Sounding the Future exhibition

UTS Gallery
Aug 1 - Sept 22, 2017


Experimenta Make Sense

Commission to make a new installation, SonoLexic, for Experimenta's next triennial and touring exhibition.
Jan-Sept 2017


Liquid Architecture

Sound Spaces: Félicia Atkinson [FR] and Gail Priest
SAT 5 Aug 2017
Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne

Sept-Oct 2016
Songmapping Ólafsfjörður

Nor∂andvindur: North Wind Sound Art Residency, Listhus, Iceland

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Songmapping Ólafsfjörður comprises two bodies of work:

Heraclitus in Iceland — a series of compositions and videos reflecting
on continuity and temporality in relation to being a "visitor" in a place;

Singing with Scenery — a quick response project that sees me making
small improvisations in various locations in and around the town.

Nov/Dec 2016
Runic Engine: Industrial Dreaming

Sonoretum, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana

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8-channel sound installation in public space
The 'Runic Engine' is a chance-based compositional structure derived from the format of a simple reading of the divinatory symbols called Runes.

In the traditional version of a reading the first rune represents the present, the second the action, the third the future outcome. Using Max/MSP programming this format has been co-opted to become a chance based compositional process.

Image: Samuel James

Sounding the Future 2015/2016

Australia Council Emerging & Experimental Arts Fellowship

Sounding the Future brings together the worlds of speculative fiction and audio art. It is an intensive program of research and creative development that will seek to predict what art in future will sound like. This act of prediction is inevitably informed by the present and thus it will also take stock of the sound of art today.

Sounding the Future will result in a body of ficto-critical works that can be delivered via gallery installation, radiophonic presentation and e-publishing.


.moveON, Werkleitz

Exhibition of the 1st iteration of the Sounding the Future project.
9-25 October, 2015
Halle, Germany

Impakt Festival, Utrecht

Artist panel presenting STF  - The Secret Life of Technology
1 November, 2015

ISEA2016 Hong Kong

Sounding the Future presented as part of the Juried Exhibition
May 18 - 22
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
Hong Kong

ABC's Soundproof

3 fiction streams from STF adapted for radio
Episode 1: Sound Shot - Sept 23
Episdoe 2: Battery Life - Oct 7
Episode 3: Green [glitch] zone - Oct 28

Welltuned City in continent journal

One stream from Sounding the Future presented as part of the Acoustic Infrastructures edition of continent journal

Sounding the Future - curated exhibition

UTS Gallery, 1 August - 22 September
featuring: George Poonkhin Khut, Pia van Gelder & Tom Smith, Peter Blamey
curated by Gail Priest

See the Sounding the Future website for more information.