New Work:
Sounding the Future

Interactive installation
using text, sound & video exploring what art in the future might sound like.

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The Common Koel

The Common Koel, part of the Birds of a Feather Series by Flaming Pines
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expmusicExperimental Music: audio explorations in Australia
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Gail Priest is a sound artist, writer and curator. On this site you will find information on releases, upcoming activities, an archive of past projects in live audio presentation, curation, sound design for performance and radio. You can also find a selection of critical writing on sound, media arts. To keep up to date with activities Join Mailing List.

News & Upcoming Events


Europe Tour Oct-Nov

Move On, Werkleitz Festival
Halle, Saale, Germany
9-25 October 2015

The first presentation of Sounding the Future.
An immersive, audio-driven hypertext, Sounding the Future uses speculative narratives to consider what the future might sound like and how this may manifest as art.

Concept, text, sound, video Gail Priest
Technical director/interactive programming Julien Pauthier
Furniture design and fabrication Thomas Burless/tomikeh


+ Live performance: Opening, Oct 9, Vessel

Sounding the Future was realised within the framework of EMARE Move On at
Bandits-Mages in association with La Box, L'École nationale supérieure d'art de Bourges (ENSA), with support of the Culture 2013 Programme of the European Commission, the Goethe Institut and Bandits-Mages, France. It was supported by the Australia Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts and advisory body and through the NSW Government though Arts NSW.

Oct 15-22
Residency, BEK
Bergen Center for Electronic Arts
Bergen, Norway

plus Oct 16
artist presentation inc Audible Women


Oct 22
Men er’e eksperimentelt ‘a?
Oslo, Norway

Gail Priest (AUS)

curated by Petter Flaten Eilertsen


Oct 26
Berlin, Germany

Jasmine Guffond
Gail Priest


Nov 1
Impakt Festival
Utrecht, Netherlands

Panel presentation

This tour has been assisted by the Australia Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts and advisory body and through the NSW Government though Arts NSW.


Recent Past

Doubful Sound #2
August 16

Gail Priest
Shota Matsumura
Axel Powrie and Andrew Fedorovitch

Tempe Jets
1 Holbeach Ave, Tempe



Pretty Gritty #13: choose your own epiphany
Aug 23


Luke Jaaniste
Clare Cooper
Kusum Normoyle
(Morton, Dan, Earle & Guerra)

107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern

August 28
Liquid Architecture

What Would a Feminist Methodology Sound Like?
FM[X]: A Sonority Sorority

INSTALLATION by Gabi Briggs (continues throughout)
TALK Celeste Liddle
PERFORMANCE Evelyn Ida Morris
TUNES Sovereign Trax

There are many feminisms, and many speaking for feminism. Instead of looking for answers, or speaking for women, we have some questions for feminism coming from within systems of sonic affect, or using sound as an acoustic mirror for society.

Questions like, how is music one of the desire industries? How do everyday practices and cultures of hearing work to police some utterances but not others? Baffling, muffling and amplifying: What is emitting the noise that is in itself a silence? Can lower frequency listening help us to hear how power works on and through us sonically? What tones, what attunement is required if we want to do this? And what volume?

Aug 28, 6pm
West Space
Level 1, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne



Pretty Gritty #12: cuts $ abrasions
July 5


Jannah Quill
Ivan Lisyak
Steffan Ianigro & Alexander Whillas

107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern


Audible Women

I've started up a little website/service called Audible Women.

Audible Women is an online directory for women who make some kind of art that can be listened to. It is open to women who make sound, sound art, noise and music (acoustic or electronic) with a bit of an experimental and exploratory bent—interpret that as you will.

Check out the site for more info or to submit something

Check out the Audible Women mix I did for FBi's Ears Have Ears


Decibel's After Julia at PICA
April 20

After Julia

Tura New Music and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts presents
After Julia performed by Decibel New Music Ensemble, a concert of eight contemporary works by Australian women composers responding to Julia Gillard’s tenure as Australian Prime Minster.

Featuring compositions by:
Michaela Davies, Andrée Greenwell, Cat Hope, Cathy Milliken, Kate Moore, Gail Priest, Thembi Soddell & Laura Jane Lowther

For more info on Decibel Ensemble and the After Julia program visit

Monday 20th April, 7.30pm
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts


Alpha Wave Series #2
April 24, 7pm


Rory Brown
Alon Islar
Gail priest

The Art Ensemble of Chippendale
Trevor Brown - alto sax
Rory Brown - double bass
Alon Ilsar - drums
Ben Panucci guitar
Scott Leishman - guitar

Alpha Waves Series
226 Union St, Erskineville, Sydney, Australia 2043
( 7.00pm for a 7.30 start)


Pretty Gritty #11: it shimmers, it glimmers, it glows
May 3

May 3 Pretty Grity

Andrew Tuttle
Monica Brooks

with video interludes by
Samuel James

107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern


Musify+Gamify Concert 2
Saturday May 30

7Bit Hero (solo set) (QLD)
Austin Buckett performs with a new interactive AV work by David Kanaga (US)
Paul Heslin (ACT)

The Infosthetic Orchestra ( James Nichols, Laura Altman, Pia van Gelder, Tom Smith, Alex Whillas, Gail Priest, Ollie Bown)

The Infosthetic Orchestra is a data sonification group, a collection of individuals interpreting streams of real-life data as sound. An improvised performance using synthesis and live interaction. The projects explores narrative within data. Interpretation by our ears. Do we hear features that we can not see? What does the ear offer as a pathway to our mind? And what does human intervention in the sonification have to offer? Where does composition lie, in the timbre, in the trajectory, in the sculpting of the sonic parameters? Conductor James Nichols

May 30
Seymour Centre – Reginald


Recent Past

Pretty Gritty #10: lucid dreaming

PG MArch 1

5.45 pm Matthew Syres
6.30pm An Infinity Room
7.15pm Pia van Gelder


107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern




National Film & Sound Archive
Lateral Listening, Ep 7




New Weird Australia, Passages


The wonderful netlabel and organisation New Weird Australia is winding up operations. Each of the three directors has compiled a 'best of' album and my track Etchings features on Vol 2 thanks to Andrew Tuttle. Download them all for wonderful music adventures.


Australian Theatre Forum 2015
Jan 20-23

Wed Jan 21 12.35 - 1.30pm
Shaping Space and Time – How Design Creatives Make It

The first in our series of conversations with creatives who work behind the scenes of our theatres to make what we see and hear. Director Chris Kohn talks to lighting designer Emma Valente, set designer Anna Tregloan and sound artist Gail Priest, about their practice and professional journeys.

Seymour Centre, Sydney


The NOW Now
Jan 14-18

Now Now 2015

Annual festival of all things improvised.
I'm playing an instant improv trio with Joel Stern (electronics) and Lizzie Thomoson (dance) and also in the Electronic Resonance Korps (ERK), a 9-piece laptop orchestra


5PM - 7PM
Mid-Festival drinks hosted at
55 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville


The Red Rattler
6 Faversham St
Marrickville, Sydney, NSW

(7:00 - Doors)

Sabine Vogel, solo flutes (GER)

Gail Priest, electronics
Joel Stern, electronics
Lizzie Thomson, movement

Rosalind Hall, saxophone
Amanda Stewart, voice and text

Andrew Brooks, performance
Astrid Lorange, performance

Electronic Resonance Korps
Laptop orchestra

Mike Majkowski, solo double bass

Half High
Matthew Hopkins, tapes and voice
Lucy Phelan, electronics

T.Morimoto, electronics


Emerging & Experimental Art Fellowship 2015-2016

I am beyond amazed that I have been awarded the Australia Coucil Emerging & Experimental Art Fellowship for 2015-2016. This means two years of being a full-xtime practicing artists – which is mind blowing.

The main project will be Sounding the Future, which I have begun while on my residency in Bourges (more on this soon). The first phase will culminate in an exhibition at Werkleitz Halle (Saale) in Germany in Oct 2015. There will then be further manifestations in Australia.

More on these things as they progress.

This also means that I will be leaving my job of 15 years with RealTime magazine and the amazing team headed by Keith Gallasch & Virginia Baxter - which makes me sad but there is always time when we must move on!




Atelier Calder
Dec 15
Saché, France

To conclude my residency period in Central France a private concert at the Atelier Calder was arranged by Sandra Emonet.

See invite. Documentation & Interview here (in French)

Cave 40
December 2
Bourges, France


BLAST OF SILENCE (Julien Ottavi & Kasper T. Toeplitz)
FEMME (Arno Bruil & Fusiller)

21h00 - 3 euros
Cave 40

You can hear the concert here


Residency: Bandits-Mages, La Box, École nationale supérieur d'arts de Bourges
Oct 15, 2014-Jan 9 2015

A three month residency developing the interactive text and audio driven project Sounding the Future, exploring what the art of the future will sound like. The results of the residency will be exhibited as part of the Move On exhibition in Werkletiz, Halle, Saale in Oct 2015.

This residency is realised within the framework of EMARE AUS CDN / move on hosted by Bandits-Mages (in association with La Box, École Nationale des Supérieur d'Arts de Bourges) with support of the Culture Program 2013 of the European Commission and the Goethe-Institut.



Rencontres Bandits-Mages
November 8 - 16

Projections / Concerts / Performances / Expositions / Rencontres / Ateliers


Friday Nov 14 - Journée Sonore
A la Soupe aux Choux

Concert & Conversation

Performance followed by discussion between Gail Priest and Alexandre Castant

Listening Visions
curated by Gail Priest

Listening Visions is a screening and listening program highlighting the work of innovative Australian sound and media artists. Interspersed between short audiovisual works are pure aural experiences, allowing the audience to contemplate the powerful effect vision has on hearing while also appreciating sound as a non-retinal medium.

Robin Fox
Volta, 2006, video

Anthea Caddy & Thembi Soddell
A Shut in Place, 2012, audio

Kynan Tan
consciousness (sleep lattice), 2012, video

Machine Death
You Ruin Everything, 2012, audio

Andrew Gadow
Three Colours White², video, 2013

Lawrence English
Liquid Casket & Wilderness of Mirrors, 2014, audio




DECIBEL - After Julia
November 8, 8pm

After Julia

Featuring Hon Julia Gillard. 
The concert features the world premieres of seven newly commissioned works by outstanding Australian composers reflecting on the Hon. Julia Gillard's time as the first female Prime Minister of Australia. The broad collection of works includes a 6-girl choir, instructions from goldfish, spoken phrases turned into musical gestures, mouth organs and more. 

Gail Priest - Everything and Nothing
Thembi Soddell - our sickness is felt in my body
Cat Hope -Tough It Out
Cathy Milliken - Shifrorl
Michaela Davies - Goldfish Variation
Kate Moore - Oil Drums
Andree Greenwell - Arrows I, II

Eugene Goosens Hall, ABC Centre, Ultimo, Sydney
Live to Air, ABC Classic FM, New Music Up Late
November 8, 8pm.
Presented by ABC Classic FM and Tura New



One thing follows another…
20-23 August 2014


Anything can follow anything else providing nothing is taken as the basis.

One thing follows another… is a negotiation between the art forms of dance and music. Jane, Lizzie and Ange do not always dance to Gail’s music and Gail does not always make music to dance to. This balancing act of independence and collaboration is played out with more than a nod to the Fluxus movement and 1960s avant-garde.

It is about being in the moment, then in the next moment and then the moment that follows. Perhaps it’s best described as a gathering of people who share 55 minutes of their lives together, the making of music and dance filling time and empty it, in order to feel its passing.

Concept & research: Gail Priest
Co-creators: Jane McKernan (choreographer), Gail Priest (composer)
Performers/devisors: Angela Goh, Jane McKernan, Gail Priest, Lizzie Thomson
Video Consultant: Samuel James
Lighting Design & Production Management: Clytie Smith

20 - 23 August, 6.30pm (+12.30pm Sat 23 Aug)
Performance Space at Carriageworks
part of SCORE

FRI 22 AUG 10AM – 1PM $20

A 3-hour workshop exploring the creation of scores that can be interpreted by both dancers and sound makers, touching on shared structures for improvisation and composition. Suitable for tertiary students as well as emerging and established artists.


ArtBar, Museum of Contemporary Art


As part of Performance Space's Sonic Social program at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, I'm curating the June ArtBar.

Sound moves us because it moves through us. Sonic waves penetrate our bodies and make our viscera tremble—the louder the sound the more we vibrate. Rapture/Rupture will offer audio experiences and performances that aim for maximum molecular movement—dancing on the inside.

Featuring Pimmon, Scisssor Lock, Cat Hope, Daniel Whiting, Michaela Davies, Peter Blamey, Andrew Gadow, Julian Day, Luke Janniste, Gail Priest & Kate Carr, Sam James with screenings by Robin Fox, Kynan Tan & Rachel Watts + more

Friday June 27, 7-9pm
Museum of Contemporary Art


Pretty Gritty #9: September 21, 2014
the secret life of objects

PG Sept 21

5. 45pm Rainbow Vomit & Cum Bubbles
6.30pm The Spiders/james heighway
7.15pm Dale Gorfinkel
8pm Peter Blamey

Sunday September 21, 5.30pm-9pm
107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern

Pretty Gritty: a roughly bimonthly home for ambient electronica and other poorly named genres that play with noise, shattered melodies and broken beats

a little bit sweet, and a little bit noisy
beats allowed but not compulsory

See the new Pretty Gritty website for more info




Pretty Gritty #8: August 3, 2014
pop implosion


5. 45pm Jacqui O'Reilly
6.30pm hz

7.15pm GoldModeL
8pm Scissor Lock

Sunday August 3, 5.30pm-9pm
107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern

Pretty Gritty: a roughly bimonthly home for ambient electronica and other poorly named genres that play with noise, shattered melodies and broken beats

a little bit sweet, and a little bit noisy
beats allowed but not compulsory

See the new Pretty Gritty website for more info


Pretty Gritty #7: June 22, 2014
assault & bassery

June 2014

Cat Hope
Knife Crimes

Sunday August 3, 5.30pm-9pm
107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern

Pretty Gritty: a roughly bimonthly home for ambient electronica and other poorly named genres that play with noise, shattered melodies and broken beats

a little bit sweet, and a little bit noisy
beats allowed but not compulsory

See the new Pretty Gritty website for more info

Artmonth: Singing with Sines I & II
Home@735 Gallery

Singing with Sines II: wall-tracing from Gail Priest on Vimeo.

Singing with Sines is a project exploring the interplay of pure and raw sounds—sine tones and voice.

In this manifestation, the audio works are accompanied by their waveforms rendered as large-scale wall tracings. For me this representation of the composition is a far more meaningful visualisation than the traditional notes on a stave and offers a particular graphic elegance. The act of tracing this image by hand directly onto the walls of the gallery is one of translating the digital back into the analogue, offering a foil to the compositional process of combining the analogue voice with the sine tone in a digital format.

More info and documentation

Home@735 Gallery
March 13-20
Opening: Thurs March 13, 6-8pm
Artist Talk Saturday 15th March, 2pm

coinciding with Art Cycle 5: Bourke St Cycleway, part of ArtMonth

Melbourne Conversations:
What's the Future of Music and Sound?


Convened by Robin Fox this panel explores how and why we hear, what we listen to, and how we listen to it. What is the future of sense perception? What is the future of music as a language? Will music and sound merge into noise? Will we ever hear the internet?

Panelists: Phil Brophy - artist, curator, filmmaker, composer and theorist,
Dr Hamish Innes-Browne - Pitch Perception Project, Bionics Institute Melbourne, Gail Priest - sound artist, writer and curator, Sydney, Danni Zuvela - Co-Director Liquid Architecture Festival and MC: Robin Fox - audio visual artist, composer and musician.

March 24, 6-7.30
Federation Square

Image: Lasse Marhaug


Pretty Gritty #6: March 30, 2014
Beats, bleeps & banging things


Tina Havelock Stevens
Alon Ilsar
Jon Drummond
Steffan Ianigro

107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern

Pretty Gritty: a new bimonthly home for ambient electronica and other poorly named genres that play with noise, shattered melodies and broken beats

a little bit sweet, and a little bit noisy
beats allowed but not compulsory

See the new Pretty Gritty website for more info


Alex Kershaw
Fantasticology Tokyo: faults, flesh and flowers
Art Gallery of NSW
12 Sep – 10 Nov 2013


I provided some soundtracks for Alex Kershaw's multi-screen video installation.

Presented alongside raw and woodfired ceramics, Alex Kershaw considers the practice of Japanese flower arrangement, known as ikebana, and its relationship to the human body.

This project developed through a series of artistic collaborations in Japan and Australia, beginning with an artist residency in Tokyo in 2011. Individually titled, each video references the themes and influences that emerged during interviews Kershaw conducted with ikebana practitioners in Tokyo. The Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, which occurred during the production of the videos, permeates the work.

Adding a physical dimension to the exhibition, Kershaw collaborated with Sydney ceramic artist Barbara Campbell-Allen to produce a group of ceramic vessels, which were conceived as a response to the videos.

Kershaw’s other collaborators in this project include Osen Endo and Haruko Hiratsuka (Sogetsu School of Ikebana), Naohiro Kasuya (Ichiyo School of Ikebana), Itoh Teika (Ohara School of Ikebana) and sound artist Gail Priest.



Flaming Pines: Birds of a Feather series
The Common Koel

The Common Koel

A little bespoke EP release all about noisy birds

More info at Flaming Pines


Tiny Portaits, Flaming Pines


The lovely Kate at Flaming Pines has put out a compilation of intriguing ambient business around the complex issue of Australian-ness and a sense of place.

My track, Sugarship Slumber closes the album which also features Michael Terren, Kate Carr, Broken Chip, Seaworthy and Matt Rosner, Camilla Hannan, Tom Hall, Anonymeye, Dan Whiting and Shoeb Ahmad.

James Catchpole from Fluid Radio says " ‘Sugarship Slumber'…Decidedly disturbing, the music sends us on board an ill-lit cargo ship, where the thick, red rust peels from the grey walls. It could have been one of Aphex Twin’s lost tracks on his Selected Ambient Works, Volume II." Full review

Physical copies:

Digital dowload:


blue | green

split vinyl 12inch by Gail Priest & Kate Carr

Blue Green

An exploration of a slice of the spectrum by Kate Carr (Flaming Pines) & Gail Priest (Metal Bitch Recordings).

"This is a fascinating release that demonstrates the powerful journeys that can be experienced through sound. This is very much an album that needs to be heard in full to be fully appreciated (or at least each side in full). However those that take on the journey will discover some amazing experiences!"
Tomatrax. Full review

"We’ve seen a few color-based releases already this year…Kate Carr and Gail Priest‘s new release is a wonderful addition to this collection…"
Richard Allen, A closer listen. Full review

The ice cold cool of blue, meets the regenerative power of green in a new vinyl LP by Kate Carr and Gail Priest. blue | green presents a sonic interrogation of two colours packed full of allusions, metaphors, associations and even cliches

Kate Carr’s blue charts a story of sailors and tides, inky nights and lonesome journeys. From bursts of radio static to the crackle of old records, receding tides and forgotten chants, blue moves from choppy seas to dark ponds and lost tales before closing with a delicate rain shower.

Through green, Gail Priest plumbs the sounds of her own backyard—the greenness of crickets, wild winds through leaves, raindrops on palm fronds and the dark dampness of the wormfarm. Emerging from this verdant landscape are half heard melodies and eerie voices, alluding to secret songs and forgotten spirits.

The final piece on both sides see Carr and Priest exploring the ambiguous terrain where green and blue converge. The artists swapped samples remixing and re-working them into closers which tip toe around the edges of perception to paint a greeny-blue landscape or perhaps one of bluey-green.

"Wordless vocals emerge alongside the rustling of winds, at the same time as dark pulsations introduce an undercurrent of Coil-like unease, and, at disc's end, blue seeps into Priest's “Grue Bleen” to deepen the sense of foreboding and hallucination." Textura. Full Review


Physical item available here via paypal
Aus$20 + postage & handling

Customers within Australia $32 inc postage
International customers $39 inc postage

Inc postage

Also available at Red Eye Records
York St, Sydney

MP3 version



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